Westchester Connections

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0. Cover, Preface, Table of Contents


1. Introduction

12. Mental Health
Westchester In-Prison Mental Health
               Post-Release Mental Health Services


2. First Steps
      Birth Certificate
             Social Security Card
             Veterans DD214
             Drivers License
             Sample Applications


13. Addictions
               Westchester Transitional In-Prison
               Post-Prison Drug/Alcohol Addiction
               Drug Abuse Resources
               Alcohol Abuse Resources
               Gambling Addiction
               Smoking Addiction
               Sexual Addiction

3. Know Your Legal Rights
Special Legal Services for Ex-Offenders
             Modifying Your Child Support
             Veteranís Benefits
             Voting Rights
             Other Sources of Legal Information 


14. Counseling and Family Services
Family Counseling  & Assistance
Batterer's Education
      Survivors of Sexual abuse
      Family Justice Bureau

4. General Service Organizations
Westchester Service Organizations
Westchester Community Centers
             New York City Service Organizations  


15. Women Especially
               Westchester In-Prison Womenís Svc.
                   Post-Prison Womenís Addiction
               Violence Against Women
               NYC Violence-Against-Women Svc.


5. Housing
Legal Restrictions on Housing
             Emergency Shelters
             Transitional Shelters and Assistance
             Section 8 and Public Housing


16. People with Disabilities

6. Food
             Food Kitchens
             Food Pantries
             Food Stamps


17. Consumer and Library Information
      Consumer Protection
      Consumer Information
      Westchester Bus Service
      Westchester Libraries

7. Financial Assistance
             Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
             Safety Net Assistance (SN)
             Emergency Assistance to Families (EAF)
             Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
             Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
                Supplementary Security Income (SSI)
             Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD)
             Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)


18. Hispanic Affairs

8. Westchester Thrift Shops


19. Probation and Parole Regulations
Probation / Conditional Discharge
      Parole Revocation
      Interstate and Intrastate Probation
      Interstate Parole

9. Finding a Job
             Before Leaving Prison
             Preparing a Job Plan
             Avoiding Employment Discrimination
             Restoring Your Rights
             Cleaning Up Your RAP Sheet
             Tax Credits for Ex-Felons
             Federal Bonding Program
             Westchester County Job Services
             Other Job Search Resources


20. Emergency Telephone Numbers


10. Education
Legal Restrictions on Education     
               Academic Education
               Vocational Training 
               College Help       
               Other Education Resources




11. Health
Westchester County Health Resources
               Free or Low Cost Health Insurance
               Immigrant Eligibility to Health Insurance
               Westchester In-Prison HIV / AIDS Help
               Westchester HIV / AIDS Resources
                  Other HIV / AIDS Resources